It’s been awhile..

It has been almost two months since I last blogged. I've been so busy between starting my new job, pre season hockey and other social things that I just haven't had a chance to plus there's not really been a whole lot for me to blog about! So I'm back now, I think! Since sixes... Continue Reading →

The fitness world of Instagram.

Like many people on Instagram I'm bombarded with fitness models, 'influencers', sponsored/endorsed athletes and sponsored fitness people. I follow pages for 'fitspo' (fit inspiration for those not in the know!) and motivation but sometimes it actually does more harm than good - particularly to your mental health. Apart from friends and family, there are very... Continue Reading →

Back to reality!

I got back from 5 days in Marbella for my best friend's birthday celebrations! Friday to Tuesday night, so short but definitely worth it. I enjoyed my food so much while I was away, a lot more relaxed than my last trip to Spain last year, which was great. I used all the tips that Luke... Continue Reading →

Setbacks aren’t the end!

Setback - definition 'a reversal or check in progress'. I chatted with a friend about this quite recently. It got me thinking that it wouldn't be a bad blog post to write about because we will face some sort of struggles in our fitness journey, life or careers. We all have setbacks, slip ups or... Continue Reading →

Gym myths de mystified!

There are a few things you hear over time in the gym. For me it's been a long time of my life spent in the gym, so I've heard some interesting things! A personal fave was a guy to a girl; 'Don't do wide grip pull ups because it will make you wide...'. I thought... Continue Reading →

Dublin fun in the sun!

As mentioned in the last blog post, this one is going to be about the weekend in Dublin with one of my friends from London! Food, cocktails, ciders and ice creams, what more could you want?! My friend arrived on Friday morning and we spent most of Friday going to my family's farm and seeing... Continue Reading →

Training while relaxing!

I came back to Dublin on Friday night for a family event and then my friend from London is over for the bank holiday weekend. It's been busy so far seeing friends and family but during the time between I've been coming up with different training options. Some fun, some less fun! I did contemplate... Continue Reading →

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