What is 25g really?

How much do you think 25g is roughly? A handful? A small handful? A large tablespoon?! Oh, you are mistaken my friends! I thought this would be a good blog post for you to see just exactly what you can get for 25g. It is usually the 'recommended' amount on chocolate, crisps or jelly packets... Continue Reading →

Cheat meals, cheat days, cheat weeks!

This was something I was asked by a close friend very recently. Do I have a cheat meal/day? As mentioned in my previous blog post 'Food for Fuel', I personally don't like the term cheat meal, I feel it implies a negativity towards food and an association of guilt because you're eating food that isn't... Continue Reading →

Weight training, where to start?

It's something I never even think about now because it's second nature for me to walk in to the gym and head straight for the free weights or lifting racks with little or no care in the world! But for some people, it's a pretty intimidating place, especially if you're new to weight training. Cardio... Continue Reading →

Do I need a rest day?

I showed my mum my blog the other day, she'd like me to do a video blog, which I explained was a vlog... She also asked if it was 'only going to be fitness?' as she would like to see what make up I use or what series I'm watching! I am always open to... Continue Reading →

Training – some ins and outs.

When people decide to start their gym/fitness journey, there are a lot of questions that usually go with it. "How many times should I train a week? What should I train? Should I do weight training or cardio?." Lets break it down a bit more and hopefully this will help you understand what's right for... Continue Reading →

Food for fuel.

Over the last while, I've been asked what I eat day to day, how I stick to it, if I get bored of my meals and do I have 'cheat days'. So, to begin, I eat 5 meals a day. They break down as follows; pre gym breakfast, post gym breakfast, lunch, dinner and a... Continue Reading →


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